Arketipe (archetype) –one of psychological term- is a concept developed by Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), a swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Archetype means as universal symbol of emotion. We feel many kinds of emotion in this life; a joy that fullfill in a birthday, a blessed atmosphere in a wedding, or a glorious in our graduation day. Just a little- yet special- thing would perfectly furnish the way you express and celebrate these wonderful feelings.

Hesti Ratnafuri – the woman behind arketipe - loves drawing, writing calligraphy and crafting. She would feel delighted when an idea turn into art, right from the heart. Moreover, when her art could set a smile on someone’s face, she would be very happy. A several creative processes can be found in this blog.

Arketipe offer calligraphy services, illustration and design for various purposes, especially wedding stationaries. We also make some merchandise in a special occasion.